Hemp Health & Wellness Trends

Hemp, Health, and Wellness Trends You Need to Know

A recent trend report from the Global Wellness Summit reveals that the convergence of CBD into wellness industries could be worth more than $4.2 Trillion a year. As people discover the benefits of natural health and wellness, the market matures more each year. We find better products sold by more professional people and companies. But it can be difficult to keep up with things when an industry is growing so fast. So we made it simple for you. If you want to stay ahead of the curve in the world of wellness, here are 3 trends to follow heading into 2020.

Hemp & CBD Products are hotter than ever

As companies prepare for the dawn of full-scale CBD (and possibly cannabis) legalization, we are seeing an overwhelming swarm of new products hitting the shelves. Some products are simply new brands selling the same CBD tinctures and oils. Others are creative and experimental innovations of CBD products.  


Edible CBD innovation

There are too many new CBD food and drink products to track nowadays. But  the innovation is likely to continue. Hemp and CBD-based products are slipping into stores all over the country. According to reports from New Frontier Data, many customers want a product they can consume in a casual or creative way. In line with this trend, you can even find CBD Kombucha for a natural california-style beverage. 


But if hipster-style energy drinks aren’t your flavor. You might like Chocolate-Mint or Strawberry CBD Tinctures.


CBD customers want convenience

Trend reports show that most CBD consumers value convenience over anything else now. As CBD becomes integrated into the daily habits of people, it makes sense we want things to be simple. This trend means we’ll likely see an increase in quick, convenient CBD options like Florance Soft Gel Capsules. Companies are starting to realize consumers don’t always need fancy bottles, packages, and products. Simple, effective, frictionless experience is how CBD will become a daily habit of more individuals. 

Women are woke about wellness

Not surprisingly, women are often ahead of the curve when it comes to health and wellness trends. Recent data reports this is the case for Cannabis and CBD wellness products. As the total income of women increases, so does their spending. This has been evident in the market as women become primary consumers of high-CBD ratio edibles and topicals. 


Most modern millennials don’t consider self-care a luxury - it’s a lifestyle. This has opened the door to products like Florance Rejuvenating Hemp Cream with CBD infused directly into it. As women command more of the market, trends have lead to an increase in creative semi-luxury products like CBD bath bombs and beauty products. 


“It’s exciting, because women are now using cannabis not just for health, but also for wellness and beauty—and it’s about time!” Yummi Karma Communications Director Alysia Sofios exclaims. “When it comes to what’s trending in the cannabis women’s market, the question is, ‘What isn’t trending?’ It was only a few years ago that we were laughed out of the room when we said we wanted to create the first mainstream cannabis beauty brand for women. Luckily, we pursued it anyway and launched High Gorgeous. Today, there is so much demand that we’re constantly in research and development.”


Upscale spas and salons now offer an array of CBD infused products and services to cater to this growing trend towards more natural wellness options. An all natural CBD-infused massage is becoming a more commonly offered service.


Now even celebrities and mainstream brands like Sephora are jumping on board with CBD products and brands. How long until we see a Kardashian Kush line of beauty products?


Pioneering new pet products 

American consumers will spend over $75 billion on pet care in 2019. Many households consider their pet a part of the family, and they get treated as such. Cannabis and CBD-based solutions have been popping up all over the place in the world of pet care. 


Many pet owners are discovering the benefits of CBD may offer for their own furry friend at home. But for those concerned about its potential effects. You may be wondering will CBD help my pet? And is it safe? 

Stay tuned for upcoming release of our very own Florance CBD pet products.